1.What is culture
In a broad sense, culture is the practice process of human social history created the material wealth and the spiritual wealth combined; A narrow sense said, culture is the social ideology and adapt to the organization and system. And the enterprise culture is the business enterprise inside all the members will, character, habits and scientific and cultural level of the result of the interaction of the factors. It and cultural and educational,

2.Culture service the first release of the construction of public welfare
The establishment of public welfare principle also depends on public cultural service huge private income "externalities" and its public benefits. Simply speaking, "externality is an economic main body to another economic main body produce a kind of external influence, and the external influence and not through the market price to buy and sell.

3.Art JinRongHua bring prosperity and worry
"Art JinRongHua has become a reality, to measure whether to use art this new financial tools of the line of sight, is whether it helps cultural value realization and creation. When it comes to the art market future development direction, "first of all to radically reform, the development based on the cultural position of the JinRongHua.
        Theatrical performances 
        Enterprise celebration 
       Promotion land play
        Dragon dance lion dance 
        The party planning 
       Anniversary celebration 
       Folk music string